Dune Bathers, “A Summer in Maine III” Exhibit at Kismet Foundation, Cousins Island

” A Summer in Maine III” is being exhibited from June 26 – October 30 at Kismet Foundation on Cousins Island, Maine. The inaugural Kismet Fundraiser kicked off on June 26th with art, music, food and community. Over forty paintings are being exhibited and may be viewed by appointment and on Saturdays through July from 10:00AM – 5:00 PM. Three paintings of ” Dune Bathers” by Tina Ingraham are on view. Visit Kismet Foundation for more information.

Drawing and Painting “Dune Bathers” Tina Ingraham June,  2015 ©

“Dune Bathers at Popham Beach” was derived from a selection of my figure studies created in charcoal on paper from 1994- 2006.  Since most of the drawings were of single figures, I composed groupings of figures for eventual paintings. I hired two models for working at the beach, directing them to emulate the studies. We worked and painted for three hours at a time from June through late September.