Tina Ingraham Artist Maine



Tina Ingraham “Sight Specific”, Greenhut Galleries, Portland Maine.   September 10, to October 3, 2020

See Portland through the eyes of artists in Greenhut Galleries show, Portland Press Herald, April 14, 2020.
The gallery put its biennial ‘Portland Show’ up online and in its street-facing windows.

Portland Show’ offers stunning view of city, by: Bob Keyes, Maine Today
The paintings at Greenhut Galleries capture Portland’s sights and its history.

Paintings of Portland” documents a beautiful city in transition. by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald
the new book “Paintings of Portland” by Carl Little and David Little is a valuable tool and resource. It is a recording of a beautiful city, told through the vision of artists who have worked here more than 200 years.

Tina Ingraham’s brush with the mortality of nature
Solo Exhibit reviewed by Daniel Kay
Portland Press Herald, Art Review, September 17, 2017
Photography, Bernard C. Myers and Kenneth Woisard

Eloquent Observations” by Britta Konau
, Maine Home and Design, June, 12

The Sustainability of Food and Art” by Melanie Hyatt, Maine Food and Lifestyle, Spring Issue (Download Maine Food PDF)

Artists of the Working Waterfront” by Carl Little, 
Maine Boats Homes & Harbors, May 2009, Issue 104

Ingraham Finds Beauty in Bath“, 
Phillip Isaacson, Maine Sunday Telegram; Audience; May 20, 2007

Painting the Town“
 Kira Chappelle
, Portland Monthly Magazine, September vol.21 No.6

Pieces of the Whole, 
Deconstructing Tina Ingraham’s work at Greenhut Galleries“
 Chris Thompson,
 Portland Phoenix, December 5-12 (Download PDF)

A Declaration of Love to an Italian Landscape“
 Alexandra Leuthner,
 Suddeutsche Zeitung NR, 101 (Seite R 6), May 2002

Artichoke Hold“
 Chris Thompson
, The Portland Phoenix, December 10-16, 2004 (Download PDF)