Tina Ingraham Artist Maine

 “Ingraham Finds Beauty in Bath”

I was drawn to “Out of the Ordinary” work by Tina Ingraham at Greenhut, by the beauty of her painting and her use of Bath as a subject matter. Painters squeeze the skyline of Portland and the vestiges of its waterfront again and again and bypass places that still have unmined urban substance, such as Bath.  Visually, that city has it all – a shipyard, warships, dinosaur cranes limping among them, a railroad trestle that can turn itself into a ghost ship, steeples, hills with good buildings on their heights, an imperial river and great houses.

Ingraham’s response to much of this is almost voluptuous. Even in the recessiveness of winter, the landscape of the city is dynamic, it is animated, always on the go and appointed in such a way that she extracts richness from it. The complexity of her undertaking is refreshing. It is a matter of taking diversity and weaving it into a comprehensive whole. She acquits herself in doing so with both grace and strength.
Taken from “Icon show is pure Fred Lynch”
Maine Sunday Telegram; Audience; May 20, 2007  Phillip Isaacson