Tina Ingraham “Sight Specific”, Greenhut Galleries, Portland Maine.   September 10, to October 3, 2020

“Ingraham uses the light touch of quickly brushed thin layers and slashing paint around with the knife to convey a sense of expressionistic urgency to her mark making. The spontaneous flavor of her approach insists on looseness, which, in turn, frees marks from the need to always be accurate representations. A stray mark might play up the abstract qualities of her paintings, and, instead of finding fault, we cheer it on.” Daniel Kany, “Art review: Tina Ingraham’s brush with the mortality of nature,” Portland Press Herald, September 18, 2017

Jorge S. Arango, “Art review: Virtual doesn’t suffice. Tina Ingraham’s paintings must be experienced in person,” Portland Press Herald, September 20, 2020

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Her work is exhibited at Greenhut Galleries and Somerville Manning Gallery.